Revival of strategy consulting

Technological change has accelerated the development of industrial structures to an extent that has never been seen before. At the same time, the parallelism of radical transformation of existing business approaches on the one hand and the need to design new, technology-based business approaches on the other, is creating unprecedented uncertainty and significant challenges. This situation is leading to a revival of strategy consulting, which creates the right answers for this situation in a mixture of experience, technological understanding, and stringent analytics. We see our strengths here above all in restructuring and reshaping the financial industry.

Entrepreneurial implementation and accompanying framework conditions

In such an environment, rapid entrepreneurial implementation is required. The idea is followed by the first, often technically supported solution (MVP: Minimum Viable Product), which is then quickly tested on the market (PoC: Proof of Concept). Stringent (project) management, the use of modern planning and management procedures and the mastery of technical methods play a major role here. Data protection as well as compliance with environmental and social standards (ESG) represent design guard rails. We successfully control and manage these skills as well as related projects across industries.

Mastery of key technologies

Digital development, artificial intelligence and cyber security are key technologies. Our "technicians" understand and master these. The ongoing development of independent solutions, the integration of start-up approaches and the close cooperation with leading research institutes and universities give us the necessary depth and ability to act.

Venture capital experience and involvement

With our sister company Schumpeter Ventures, we also manage our own venture capital fund for early-stage investments in FinTech, Insurtech and cyber security start-ups. With seven existing investments and five more in the evaluation or development phase, we are familiar with practically all entrepreneurial challenges from our own experience. The market overview at home and abroad as well as the in-depth understanding of product and process mechanics gives us the basis to find feasible and good solutions.

Project examples of our work

Thematically, we accompany financial institutions in strategic questions along the following topics:

  • Acquisition and penetration of customer segments and streamlining as well as creation of the required product portfolio
  • Dimensioning of the operating model, derivation of the required cost structure and derivation of implementation measures
  • Selection, evaluation, and integration of small and medium-sized transactions, especially in the technology environment. Here, of course, we also benefit from our transaction experience in the venture capital market

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Dr. Udo Bröskamp
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