We can manage and implement digital projects. With a small, efficient team, we implement digital solutions for established companies as well as technical solutions for start-ups. Our clients appreciate the quality of our work, our focus on results and the development of individual solutions.

"We appreciate the quality of the work, the ability to fit seamlessly into our bank's processes and the friendly proactivity that always makes the cooperation positive and constructive, even in difficult situations. We enjoy working with the Broeskamp team and recommend them internally as well."

Christine Molzahn, DKB 



  • Typo3, Wordpress


  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design


  • AngularJS
  • Angular 9
  • React
  • Vue.js

Cloud-Native Hosting

  • AWS Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • MS Azure
  • Root Server
  • Virtual Server



  • Java 11-17/Kotlin
  • SpringBoot
  • Maven, Gradle
  • Python
  • Dockerisierte Anwendungen


  • jUnit 4/5 
  • Mockito
  • jAssert
  • CI/CD
  • Jenkins
  • TeamCity
  • GitHub Actions
  • JFrog Artifactory / SonarType Nexus

Cloud-Native Hosting AWS

  • EC2 Virtual Machine
  • Elastic Container Services
  • Elastic Kubernetes Services
  • AWS Lambda/Serverless
  • Microservices


Project Management

  • Ressourcenplanung
  • Budgetplanung
  • Erwartungsmanagement
  • Konzeption
  • Dokumentation


  • Erhebung
  • Erstellung Definition of Ready
  • Erstellung Definition of Done
  • Schnittstelle zu Fachlichkeit

Scrum Master

Product Owner

Innovative software solutions that are created in cooperation between development and the specialist department radiate positively throughout the entire organisation of the company. We provide support on both sides. Thanks to our knowledge of far-reaching transformation processes, we can implement what the department really needs and thus contribute to a major increase in value in the context of digitalisation. We are also happy to support existing development groups in this change from the professional side.

Your contacts

Stephanie Straskraba
Management Assistant & Office Managerin
Image: Stephanie Straskraba