Data protection and sustainability are the guardrails of any design in a business context, either as start-up or transformation of existing companies. We know these issues, prepare your audits, but can also audit them for you. This is also an essential element of offering a one-stop solution

Data protection 

The DSGVO-compliant handling of customer and employee data, the corresponding documentation of standards and processes as well as their auditing are among our focal points. We address these issues across all industries. One focus is currently on supporting digital spin-offs as well as young, dynamically growing start-up companies. 

In this context, we already successfully offer the function of data protection officer as an outsourcing model for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for start-ups - data protection as a service. At manageable costs, they can set themselves up to be GDPR-compliant and at the same time benefit from cross-company best-practice standards.

ESG standards

Today, sustainability is summarized in environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards. We prepare companies for such audits, introduce appropriate measurement systems, and certify them. Here we work closely with the Value Valancing Alliance Foundation, which is working on precisely these issues.

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